All In One Coach Access

Welcome to the All-New All In One Coach Builder!

This is obviously exciting for me, but a little scary too . . cause I’m sure there will be something I haven’t seen that needs changing/fixing etc.

So thanks for your patience!

So there are a few main things we need to do first.

I’m going to try to make these as very simple as possible.

A few steps I’ll be showing you to do manually, I’ll show you on the video how to, but these will likely be automated for future clients.

I’d love for you to watch the easy install video first.

The second step is to choose your site name.

This will be (whatever you choose)

You will be able to forward your own domain to the site, but I’d love to get the first week of testing done first before we start forwarding to your domain.

So the first step is to go here and choose your site name:

All In One Site Signup

Next, go to your domain (I may have this autodirecting by the time you get here) which is

(whatever you chose)

There you will login and then begin to do the first steps from the video.

Thanks for your patience if there are any bugs or things that don’t direct perfectly.

There are a few big things I’d love comments on before we call this fully live . .

So please consider these first few days testing . . .

I’d love for you to create a couple of lessons . . but don’t upload 1000 lessons in case we choose to make a change to the input fields and then you might lose something . .

I’ll try to make this next stage happen fast, so we can lock everything in fast and make it 100% live.

Thanks so much for giving this a chance, for hanging in there with me as the coding took many times longer than expected!

I hope you like what you see!